Our commitments


Our raw material cider fruit requires a long term commitment and the assurance that the producer for its entire harvest is bought by Cidrerie du Pays d’Auge.

Three main sources of supply:
Producers under contract. (see )
Farmers and private producers.
The Dwarf-Tree Orchard Cider of the Pays d’Auge is 100 hectares of organic orchards bass rod and 35 hectares of high biological stem orchards.

Our entire range can be standard, Organic, Kosher, Halal, vegetarian, vegan:
– Pays d’Auge cider name; Controlled appellation ; IGP for distillation or vinegar.
– Cider mouth clarified or not, intended for bottling.
– Concentrate bittersweet apple juice (bittersweet)
– Concentrated pear juice
– Marc dehydrated

Our traceability software developed in-house allows us to go back in the bottle fruit vendor in minutes providing our customers with flawless security.